Life-saving bandages for an individual with EB can cost up to $10,000 per month. Orphans with EB are frequently without the care they need to protect existing wounds and protect new ones, leading to infection and even possibly death.

Challenges orphanages face with children with EB​

  • Lack of education on how to best care for EB patients

  • Few doctors who understand EB

  • Unaware of supplies available

  • Little to no access to supplies/funds for supplies

  • Fear of causing more harm with touch

  • And many more...

EB Promise identifies a child or a child is referred and a relationship with the child's caregivers and/or adoption agency is formed

EB Promise provides education on EB and supplies that are typically used and are available, and then helps in determining how to best meet the child's needs


A single speciality bandage can cost over $40. One bandage change can cost over $500. We cannot do this alone. 

Learn more about our current needs or make a monetary donation to help us purchase supplies.

EB Promise provides supplies to each child, soliciting donations of and purchasing what is not already in our inventory. Wound care guides and instructions are included in the appropriate language


EB Promise follows up with caregivers, re-assesses needs, and prepares to send the next round of supplies

Supplies are labeled and instructions in the caregivers' language

(when possible) are included

Interested in helping us provide live-saving bandages and medical supplies to children in need? See our "Donate Supplies" page for a list of speciality and over-the-counter supplies needed. Speciality bandages can be purchased through the links provided on that page and over-the-counter supplies can be purchased at your local pharmacy. We also graciously accept donations from EB families who have extra supplies. 

Please note that we are well aware of the realities of the world and what sometimes happens in impoverished countries. We do not deliver supplies to an orphange or foster home without a trusted contact there who is able to ensure that supplies are used in the intended way and for the intended child.