EB Awareness

Photo warning: some images may be perceived as graphic and hard to look at.

Please use personal judgment in viewing photos below.

Imagine having raw, open wounds ALL over your body at all times. Imagine living with constant itching of wounds that are healing. Imagine the pain of air flowing over an open wound, of clothing rubbing against your fragile skin, of having people cut open your blisters and cause you pain in order to try and help you. Imagine living this life day in and day out as a young, fearful child without a family. A child who does not have a mother or father to be held, comforted and loved by? A child who does not know what his/her future is going to look like? A child who has lost hope.

This is the case for too many EB orphans. They are at the mercy of their caregivers and country's government regulations around orphanages. Even with the most well-intentioned and loving caregivers, these children suffer far too much.

Photo descriptions, left to right row by row...

1. Maggie in the bath in her orphanage. Maggie's mama shared that Maggie screams in agony and has great amounts of anxiety because of her hatred of baths.

2. Srey Ya covered in iodine on a palate on the hospital floor where she spent the entire first year of her life. She is covered in iodine, the only treatment for her wounds that she received that entire year.

3. Baby Yuri, who passed away due to neglect and preventable infection in an orphanage.

4. Tam's legs, open wounds and scarring.

5. Lexi's hands, already showing signs of constricting that will likely lead to webbing and fusion of fingers. This could have been delayed/slowed if she had access to proper care since infancy. Instead, she has grown up in an orphanage with unexperienced caregivers.

6. Tam with no bandages or treatment whatsoever, legs covered in wounds. At that time, her orphanage was unable to provide her with any sort of medical treatment. Thankfully Tam's care is now supervised by a volunteer nurse from an NGO, but she is just one of MANY children and is not able to receive much specialized care.

Will you help us support these children and many others like them in honor of EB Awareness Week? Some of them are coming home to loving, caring families thanks to the support and generosity of the EB Promise community. But so many still wait. You can make a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation here.

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