Miss Maggie!

I can think of no better way to spend day two of EB Awareness Week 2017.

It is my privilege and JOY to introduce Miss Maggie Cannell...orphan no more!


Miss Maggie will leave her orphanage FOREVER in less than one week! Her life will be drastically, radically changed. In fact, it already has been. Maggie is joining an extremely loving family who has plentiful experience in EB and EB adoption. Her family went to go visit her from trip one not too long ago (two trips are mandatory for adoption from Maggie's country) and was able to meet her, spend time with her, and take photos with her. She already looks like a natural member of the family, doesn't she?

Maggie's homecoming is especially special to me because she is the first child whose adoption EB Promise will have seen from start to finish. We advocated for Maggie before her family found her (she went by Maurie and Meg back then) and had the privilege of bearing witness to her entire adoption process start to finish (she went by Ella Grace for awhile during that period of time). She is such a special girl and I am so excited for the future that God has in store for her.

Will you join us in praying for Maggie during this incredibly huge transition she has coming up? At just three years old she has no idea what the few weeks have in store for her. It will be difficult in many ways, and we are praying for strength for Maggie and her entire family as they walk through this period of time and that it goes as smoothly as is possible.

See you soon, sweet girl!

[You can follow Maggie's journey on her Facebook page]

#familyfound #adopted #MissMaggie

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