We're baaaackkk...EB Awareness Week!

It's no secret...things have been pretty quiet around here on the EB Promise front. Things have still been happening behind the scenes - packages are being sent, contacts are being made around the world, and families are being supported - but time simply has not allowed for social media, websites, blogs, and the rest to keep up! I'm the first to admit that this is not the way for a non-profit to be run AND I am working hard to give myself grace. In the last few months I have finished graduate school, started a new job as an intensive in-home therapist two days after graduation, and most excitedly...started the adoption process of my own child with EB! Things have been crazy but are finally starting to settle down as I find my "new normal" in the midst of adoption paperwork, prepping for EB mom life, running lots of therapy sessions and everything else!

I'm excited to announce that this week is EB Awareness Week and here at EB Promise we are celebrating by coming back strong. Stay tuned for exciting updates on EB orphans this week in celebration of a week of awareness and celebration of the strength of butterfly children across the globe.

#ebawareness #ebawarenessweek

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