Happy 5th Birthday, Lexi

Dearest Lexi,

Happy birthday, sweet girl. It breaks my heart that you are spending yet another birthday in an orphanage and not with your family. I know the people taking care of you are doing the very best they can, but there simply is no replacement for the love and care of a family. I wish I could be there to hold you and to tell you how loved you are, but it simply isn't possible. Instead, I will pray that you feel the love and support of the entire community that is rallying around you, loving you and praying for you.

My prayer today is for your 6th birthday. I pray that you will wake up in a bed of your own, in a room of your own, giggly and excited, knowing that this is a special day all about you. I pray that you will feel cherished, knowing that your family has loved you since the moment you were born, even before they knew about you. I pray that you feel a sense of belonging. I pray that your parents, whoever they may be, will be just as excited to celebrate your life as you. I pray that you will continue to marvel us with your strength in conquering EB, while at the same time knowing that it's ok to hurt and to cry. And most of all, precious girl, I pray that you will know above all else that you are fully known and loved simply because of who you are.

Will you join me in celebrating Lexi's 5th birthday today? Let's share her story with the world and pray that her parents will find her soon. How incredible would it be if her parents were to find her today - the day that is set aside to celebrate her? Lexi has never celebrated a birthday in a home and has never known the love of a family. I am vowing to do all that I can to ensure that this is the last birthday she spends separated from her family, but I cannot do it alone. Please share this post, share Lexi's story, and direct anyone who is interested in her adoption to email butterfliesbeyondborders@gmail.com. Thank you for loving this precious little girl alongside of me.

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