Annual Fund Campaign

EB Promise was the whole reason we knew our daughter Lexi existed. After we made the decision to go forward with her adoption, EB Promise put us in contact with all the vital people and the adoption agency. EB Promise also coordinated the contact with foundations who awarded us a grant to offset some of the costs associated with international adoption. We are so thankful to EB Promise for advocating for Lexi. Without EB Promise, Lexi surely would have not have been brought to our attention and would have died alone in an orphanage.

-Lexi's mom


is our annual fund campaign, where we raise the majority of our annual budget. All money raised during this campaign will go directly towards creating bright, promising futures for orphans with EB around the world.

At EB Promise, we are committed to making sure that no child fights EB alone. We are committed to seeing that all children with EB grow up in loving homes where they have the support and medical care they so desperately need and deserve. We are committed to the futures of orphans with EB around the world, and we need your help.

EB Promise is run solely by volunteers who receive no salary. Aside from some basic administrative costs such as website hosting fees, the money donated to EB Promise goes directly towards ensuring that each orphan with EB has a bright, promising future. We depend fully on our supporters and donors to make this possible.

Would you consider being a small part of life-saving change? 

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