Age: 10 years old

Available videos: 2014 video (password: elias)

Previously known as: Vance, Elias

Interests: Dancing and performing, playing with friends

Personality/character traits: Ozzy is outgoing, active, and well behaved.

Cognitive development: Ozzy's cognitive develop is typical and on par for his age. He is in public school and does well.

Physical development: He sometimes moves slowly, especially when he has wounds on his feet, but he has good gross and fine motor skills. He enjoys being active with his friends.

Emotional development/attachment: He is close with his caregivers and also enjoys caring for the younger children at the orphanage where he lives. 

Social development: Ozzy has very good social skills and gets along very well with his peers.

Effects of EB: Ozzy has a milder form of EB called EB Simplex. EB mostly affects his hands, arms, and feet. Caregivers report that his wounds heal well.

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