Meet Lexi, a precious 5 year old little girl living with EB. We are thrilled to announce that Lexi has a family working hard to bring her home! While she waits, we are working on providing her caregivers with the best bandaging supplies available and clothing that will not further damage her skin. 


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Age: 5 years old

DOB: August 24, 2011

Available videos: July 2016 video (case-sensitive password: Adoptmaa), video

Interests: Playing games, reading picture books, playing outside

Personality/character traits: Lexi is introverted and quiet and prefers to observe her peers playing, but smiles and laughs along with them. She is very well behaved for people she is familiar with, but can be stubborn with strangers. 

Cognitive development: Lexi's cognitive development is right on par with her peers. She is able to express thoughts, feelings and needs and can communicate clearly with adults. She is not in school due to her fragile condition. She can follow multi-step directions.

Physical development: She has good fine motor skills and can use a utensil to feed herself. She can draw, cut paper, and scribble. She can wash her hands independently and put on her own shoes and pants. She is very careful due to her EB and does not run, but she can walk, kick balls and pick up balls to play with her friends.  She climbs up and down stairs independently. She has not yet started potty training due to EB. 

Emotional development/attachment: Emotional development is reported as normal. She obeys rules, knows to share, can express happiness and anger. She has her own ideas. She is close and attached to her primary caregivers, and engages with them and asks them questions.

Social development: Lexi prefers to play alone and is introverted, but she gets along well with other children. She loves going outside with kids her age and playing with (and pretending to care for) children younger than her. She needs more time than most children to warm up to new people, as she has very little physical contact with everyone except her nanny. She needs more time to establish a sense of security and needs more love.

Language development: Her language is mostly normal. She speaks in sentences and can express her needs very well. Her speech is sometimes a bit unclear, but it does not affect her ability to get her needs met.

Effects of EB: Her toes are starting to fuse and her fingers cannot stretch straight. She has open wounds all over her body. She most likely has RDEB, but local doctors have been unable to confirm this. Caregivers report to do daily dressing changes. She takes one calcium tablet per day.

(most recent update: July 2016)

We are thrilled to announce that Lexi has a family working hard to bring her home! Thank you to everyone who has advocated for her!

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