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Laura Dellicker, Founder & Executive Director

Durham, NC


Laura first learned of EB in 2009 through Jonah and the Wiliams family. God laid EB heavily on her heart and her life hasn't been the same since. She's co-directed Jogging for Jonah - a 5K/Fun Run to raise awareness and funds for a cure for EB - for the last 5 years and currently serves on the Young Leadership Committee of debra of America. Her passion for orphans with EB was ignited over the summer of 2016 when she first heard of "Travis", a two-year-old little boy with EB who spends all day, every day laying on his back in a crib in an orphanage. She couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling that she needed to do something, and it did not go away even after Travis had a family pursuing his adoption. Knowing the devastation EB brings to even the most privileged individual, her heart ached for these orphans suffering without a family or home. It was from that heartache and longing to do something that EB Promise was born. Laura is currently finishing her final year of graduate school in social work at UNC Chapel Hill and looks forward continuing to work with children and families affected by EB after she graduates, as well as pursuing the adoption of an EB butterfly herself one day.

Amy Parks, Board Member

Wasterville, OH

Amy has the gift of service and it is visible in her volunteer activities as well as in her profession. Amy works as a nurse and has experience caring for children with EB. She is passionate about securing proper medical care and supplies for orphans living with EB and is eager to become more involved with BBB. In her spare time, she can be found at her local Ronald McDonald House prepping rooms for incoming families or giving a tour of the world's largest house.

Caitlin Petterson, Board Member

Provo, UT

Caitlin is the proud mother to a little girl with EBS (Simplex) and has a very special place for her heart for orphans with EB across the world. She's worked in the healthcare field for her whole life and is passionate about helping people recieve the care, supplies, and attention they deserve. 

Sonu Kumar Ram, Board Member

West Bengal, India

Sonu K. Ram is a proud father of a 19 month old butterfly. His passion to help others suffering from EB comes from his daughter and he tries to the best of his abilities to do anything to put a smile on a child's face while suffering from EB.