Many of our children live in communities where, even if funds were available, access to necessities such as sterile dressings, EB-friendly clothing, feeding supplies and more is extremely limited. We will continually update the in-kind needs of our children here, and ask that you contact us directly if you would like to donate any of the following items. 

If you are caring for an EB orphan, please contact us and let us know how we can best support you. 


Below is a general list of supplies that many EB patients and their caregivers use on a daily basis. Most of the caregivers of our EB orphans don't know what to use, so they don't know what to ask for. We will gladly accept any donations of the following items at any time!

Most Needed Items

  • Mepilex Transfer

    • 6x8in​ / 8x20in

  • Restore Contact Layer

    • 4x5in / 6x8in

  • Mepilex Lite

    • 4x4in / 6x6in

  • Tubifast

    • Green / Red / Yellow


Specialized Bandages​

  • Mepilex

    • 4x4in / 8x8in​

  • Mepilex Lite

    • 4x4in / 6x6in

  • Mepilex Transfer

    • 6x8in / 8x20in

  • Restore Contact Layer

    • 4x5in / 6x8in

  • Tubifast

    • Green / Red / Yellow

  • Mepitel

    • 4x7in

  • Mepilex Border

    • 4x4 in / 6x6in

  • Mepilex Border Lite

    • 3x3in / 4x4in 

Over the Counter​ Supplies

  • 25 gauge needles

  • Aquaphor

  • Bacitracin

  • CoFlex or Coban self-adherent wrap

  • Guaze rolls - 2 in, 3 in, 4 in

  • Gauze sponges - 4x4

  • Non-stick guaze/wrap

  • Telfa Non-Adherent Dressing

  • Vaseline Gauze

  • Wound cleanser

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