Children with EB are often referred to as Butterfly Children because their skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wings.

Please note that EB Promise does not handle adoptions directly. For the safety and protection of both children and families,

EB Promise refers interested adoptive families to licensed adoption agencies.

Waiting for Families


Aurora is a beautiful and shy little girl, born in June of 2012 in China. She is described as introverted and liking most things. She is smart, able to communicate well, and able to complete all age-appropriate self-help tasks. Photos and videos are available. We are so hopeful that her family will find her soon!


Josiah is 9. He's described as having a good personality, he likes to make people laugh. Josiah likes going to school and has expressed interest in being a Policeman or Firefighter. He likes to eat fruits and fish, he doesn't have food allergies.


Sean is a remarkable 11-year old who is wise beyond his years. Well-behaved, gentle, joyful, and beloved are just some of the words Sean’s caregivers use to describe him. Sean is attentive and cooperative with his studies and his favorite subject is English. This precious boy will be a true blessing to a family who is committed to providing the love and special care that he needs.


Tam Anh is a precious little girl living in an orphanage in Vietnam. She has a beautiful personality and is a true fighter. Please get in touch with us and let us know if you're interested in knowing more about this sweet girl.


Ozzy is a 13 year old engaging, caring, outgoing and obedient boy. He forms strong relationships with others and is a leader for the other children in his orphanage. We would love to tell you more about Ozzy, so please contact us to learn more! (He has previously gone by the alias "Vance")


There are several more EB orphans that we know of who and we are working on building relationships with their caregivers. Please pray that we will be able to overcome language barriers and other obstacles. Stay tuned for more information!


Srey Ya is three years old and living in an orphanage in Cambodia. International adoption from Cambodia is not currently legal to families of any country. We are currently working to advocate for an exception to be made, but it is a difficult process. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help us serve Srey Ya, please contact us.


Travis is six years old and is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He has fought hard in his six years. Travis has additional needs on top of EB and will need a family willing to take risks and say "yes" to a lot of unknowns. He is absolutely worth it. (Note: this child also goes by aliases "Titus" & "Arlo")

Interested in learning more about adopting one of these beautiful children? Please email us and we will put you in direct contact with the child's agency or help guide you on your next best steps!

Coming Home Soon

When a family is in the process of bringing their butterfly home, you'll see them here and can learn more about how to support them

With Forever Families


Salim came home from India in March of 2018 when he was 3.5 years old. He now lives with his mom (EB Promise founder) Laura in NC and is thriving. He was known as "Caden" online prior to his adoption.


Meili came home to her loving family in December 2017 and has been doing wonerfully! Meili was known as "Lexi" online before her adoption and she was the first child EB Promise helped to find a family for and see through homecoming! We are so grateful for Meili's life and can't wait to see the great things she does! 


Olive was welcomed home to her family in November 2017. Despite the pain that she deals with every day she is joyful and full of life. Olive is no longer an orphan and is now a beloved daughter and sister!


As of Nov. 4th 2017, Maggie is HOME! Maggie is the first child that EB Promise has seen through from advocacy to completed adoption. She is thriving with her family and is beloved by many.


Shon is a sweet, intelligent 8 year old little boy who has finally been matched with and brought home to his family in early Nov. 2017! Shon joins a family who is experienced with international adoption and loves him fiercely! Please pray for Shon and his family as they transition home together!


Beautiful Jayne was born in the United States. She lived 3 months in a hospital and was then transferred to medical foster care. She joined her family shortly before her third birthday. She is is sparkly and sassy and keeps her family on her toes every day.


Ellen is the biological sister of Jayne. She joined her family shortly before she turned two. She has a sparkle in her eye that is a small glimmer of the love, compassion and fight that this amazing girl posses. She loves hard and jokes often. Her parents say their lives are better because she is their daughter.


Alex is the biological brother of Jayne and Ellen. He joined his family a year after the girls. He tells his mom she's cute and brushes her hair and will tackle her hard if she takes his round brush before he's done with it. He is quick with boy jokes and gives his older old brother a run for his money. Life would not be complete with this sweet boy.


Julianne was born in China and diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa when she was very young.  She was adopted when she was three years old, and has brought joy and an extra dose of spunk to her family!  Though they had never heard of EB before seeing her, they have learned how brave and strong these fragile butterfly children truly are.  


Caroline was adopted in 2015 at age five and she adjusted to family life right away. She has EBS-DM and has daily blistering, but doesn't let it get in the way of hiking, playing with her siblings, or coloring!


Hanna was adopted at the same time as her big sister Caroline; she was three years old at the time. She has very mild EB, not sure what type yet. She loves animals, running, and playing with her baby doll!

Butterflies Beyond Borders, EB, orphan, epidermolysis bullosa, borders, butterflies


Anton was born a twin. His twin was healthy, and he was born with EB, and as a result he was abandoned. Anton was adopted by the Delgado family and thrived for years as a member of their family. He died in December of 2015 due to intussusception after receiving a bone marrow transplant (BMT). Read more about Anton here.

Butterflies Beyond Borders, EB, orphan, epidermolysis bullosa, borders, butterflies


Raul was born in Romania with severe RDEB. He was brought to the US on Humanitarian Parole and was granted permanent residency in 2013. He underwent a bone marrow transplant (BMT) which was successful, but unfortunately led to other issues including HLH and kidney failure. Raul passed away in May of 2016. Read more about Raul here.

Butterflies Beyond Borders, EB, orphan, epidermolysis bullosa, borders, butterflies


Sadly, Yuri died alone in an orphanage while his forever family fought incredibly hard to bring him home. He did not have access to proper medical care and died as a result. It is our hope and prayer that no other child's story ends like Yuri's. Read more about Yuri here.


Georgia (Gia) was adopted in 2014 at age three and had RDEB. She loved Minnie Mouse, playing outside, and going to school. Gia sadly passed away in April of 2016 at the age of six years old.

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