A little about Caden...

Caden is a three year old with DEB. He loves playing with his toys, reading books, swinging in a hammock, and eating ice cream. He attends an on-site English language preschool where he is enjoys doing the motions to songs and doing the shape sorter. Caden's EB effects his entire body and he recently had a feeding tube placed to help his gain weight. He receives bandage changes daily and is followed by several specialists to ensure that he is kept healthy. He is a shy but sweet child who is very attached to his primary caregiver. Caden is currently say 5-10 words in both English and his native language. He currently scoots to get around and is starting to bear weight. Caden is a sweet child who needs care that cannot be found in his country. We have a lot of info about Caden and many photos of him. If you are interested in learning more about him or his country's adoption process, please contact us.

For ongoing support of Caden's everyday needs, please know that we are collecting supplies and EB-friendly clothing for him. You can see his supply needs here. You can also support Caden on a monthly basis here

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