EB Promise advocates for EB orphans around the world by providing their caregivers with necessary supplies and education, finding them adoptive families, and supporting families through the process of adoption of a child with EB.


EB Promise envisions a world where all children with EB have been adopted, with minimal physical and psychological trauma, into secure and loving families.

What We Do

In accordance with our mission we provide a number of free services to children and families:

Who We Are

EB Promise is an international initiative based in North Carolina, USA. We advocate for orphans across the globe but work primarily with US-based adoption agencies.


The following are the top four values of our organization...

  • Act in Interest of Clients: EB Promise will maintain a strong passion for the well-being of children with EB and act in ways that prioritize the health and well-being of each child and his/her caregiver(s).

  • Advocacy, Not Exploitation: EB Promise will advocate for orphans in a way that does not exploit them or their stories for professional, monetary, or in-kind gain.

  • Confidentiality: EB Promise will comply with all privacy laws of each of the countries where children are served.

  • Fostering Relationships: EB Promise will place a strong value on personal relationships with families, social workers, and all professional contacts and build relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect.